Private Hair Color Technique Classes

classes 1Hair coloring is an art as well as a business. Jacklyn Stewart, the “Color Goddess”, knows this as her brilliance and expertise in the field of hair color spans many years.

“I believe education is in the heart of every successful colorist,” Jackie says. She is teaching hair color technique classes at the prestigious Carter Barnes on Paces hair salon to certified stylists. Interested colorists can learn the art of highlighting, classic color, the ever-present ombre and balayage.

classes 2Jackie’s entire career in the hair industry has been all about hair color. She had ten very successful years traveling nationally and internationally, teaching stylists how to think, feel, and grow their color business. The platforms where she shared her techniques with other international hair artists ranged from the IBS, Hair Color USA to Hair World. Jackie transitioned into the salon arena a little over fifteen years ago and she works with Carter Barnes Salon on Paces as a color specialist. “Tiffany Anderson, my longtime associate, is a specialist in more ethnic hair, and she will also be available to teach classes.” Jackie, who has a love of teaching and amazing expertise in color, is excited to be teaching non-product-specific hair color classes in Atlanta.

classes 3Carla M., a former student of Jackie’s and a practicing colorist in New Orleans, says, “I’ve always liked the idea of being a color specialist but not until I attended a class given by Jacklyn Stewart did I get the confidence to go for it!” Another colorist trained by Jackie, Josh F. from Manhattan, says, “Truly one of the best things I’ve done for my career is take an advanced training class in balayage techniques instructed by Jacklyn Stewart.”

Whether you favor the classic highlight effect or the trendy ombre, a good colorist can do one well but a great colorist can do them all and does it with a personal flair!

classes 4Classes are offered to hair stylists by appointment. Students must present their certification in order to attend. Private or semiprivate classes are offered on Mondays. Classes are non-product-specific, last approximately four hours and cost $500.00 per person. Students are asked to bring a live model. If a live model is not available, please bring a mannequin head. Also bring all equipment necessary to finish the hair.

If you have questions about the classes or would like to schedule a class, contact Jackie or Tiffany via email at [email protected]